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Xionggu Electrical Co., Ltd is a High-tech enterprise located in high-tech zone in Chengdu city. It is engaged in R&D, producing and sales of intelligent welding system, inverter and engine-driven welding equipment, and providing professional solutions to cross country pipeline welding.

With 25 years of development, Xionggu welding machines have been widely used in numerous construction projects in China, Russia, India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Algeria, Cuba etc. Xionggu Electrical has been the most preferred brand by Chinese pipeline construction contractors. Welding equipment of Xionggu Electrical has been chosen as the main welding equipment in many key oil & gas construction projects such as the natural gas transmission pipeline from west to east of China, China to Myanmar pipeline and China to Russia pipeline etc.

The company has service network of reasonable layout and rapid response to provide all around technical support for clients. Especially the customized services for the key pipeline projects are highly acknowledged by clients.

Xionggu staffs adhere to Self-Discipline and Social Commitment as our core value, We will contribute ourselves to the development of welding industry with the mission of in pursuit of all staffs’ happiness in both material and spiritual aspects, and providing world-class green industrial electrical products.

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